Welcome to GREASE’s documentation!

Welcome to GREASE. Target’s operations automation platform! Here lies all the documentation on the project! Make sure to checkout the GREASE Documentation Guide for more information! Be sure if you’re a new user to checkout the User Guide: The GREASE User Guide

What is GREASE?

GREASE is the automation platform for L2+ Operations at Target. It is designed for all levels of operations staff to enable rapid development of automation tools from simple CLI based apps for daily ops work all the way to auto-recovery software.

What Does GREASE Stands For?

  • Guest
  • Reliability
  • Engineering
  • Automated
  • Service
  • Engine

What is Guest Reliability Engineering?

GRE is the newest generation of operations at Target. We utilize Google’s SRE as inspiration for our new vision to bring joy to our guests. We help provide support to product groups across Target as well as help build more reliable & scalable systems.

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